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Salivary Diagnostics
<br />Cardiac Markers
<br />Biogenic Amines
<br />Endocrinology Diagnostics
<br />Autoimmunity

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We pride ourselves as being specialist in the field of protein and antibody research, one of the main reasons our founders created this company was to provide researchers with the highest quality products that is backed up by expert technical support.
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<br />We have a large portfolio of ELISA kits that are currently being used by a variety of scientists working in: academic universities, hospitals, government research institutes, reference laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology industries.
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<br />Some of the main research areas we cover include:
<br />• Salivary Diagnostics
<br />• Cardiac Markers
<br />• Biogenic Amines
<br />• Endocrinology Diagnostics
<br />• Autoimmunity
<br />• Tumor Markers
<br />• Immunology/Cytokines
<br />• Food Analytics/Safety
<br />• Infectious Diseases
<br />• Veterinary Diagnostics
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<br />Why you should consider buying from us:
<br />• We have an extensive network of businesses and individuals that we collaborate with in order to provide the best in products and services.
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<br />• We pride ourselves as being a customer focused company and promise to be there every step of the way.
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<br />• We are quickly becoming the first choice for sourcing ELISA kits for many researchers not just in the UK but throughout the world.
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<br />• We have a vision of a better tomorrow through greater biological understandings as science propels us forward.

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